Metro Wilder Program

MPS Metro Wilder Day Treatment Program provides the educational services to students who are currently enrolled in programming through Catholic Charities.  Through the partnership with Catholic Charities, students are able to attend a school-based program in which their educational and treatment program are co-located within the Wilder Complex in the Powderhorn Neighborhood.  The Day Treatment program serves students who reside in the Metro area, with the majority of students attending a Minneapolis Public School. 

Our school solely provides educational services to students who have been identified as needing special educational services in elementary and middle school grades (K-8).  Our students are on a shortened educational day that includes breakfast, lunch, Reading/Literacy/English Language Arts, Math, and Writing.  Our students spend the other portion of their day in social skill and treatment groups.  Our classrooms are staffed by one Minnesota State Licensed teacher and  two Special Education Assistants (SEA).  Community staff members are available for additional support when needed.

The Day Treatment program hours are from 9:10 am - 3:40 pm.